Soynatura – a feria for everyone

Soynatura, the second feria of health, quality of life and sustainable development will this year be more accesible to all the public, all ages, nationalities and feature exhibitors from all sectors. For exhibitors there are multiple possiblilities for having a presence at the fair, with superbly designed stands of varying prices and the chance to share with a complementary business to reduce costs.

Divided into 6 thematic zones: Ecofarm, Quality of Life, sustainable planet, health, healthy eating and natural kids, the fair will have activities running in each of these zones as well as outdoor exhibitions, and these are offered to exhibitor without extra cost. This allows exhibitors to create a better impact at the fair and generate an interesting and entertaining programme that will raise awareness of the environment and will provide interesting activities for the visitors during the weekend.

The second edition that will be held in Estpona from 28 to 30 of January will be a pioneering event that will also have technical seminars such as organic food, eco building and responsible tourism.

Registration is already well underway and the web site has all the information about the various programmes and seminars:

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