Sweet dreams in a cool world

One of the latest major innovations in wellness, this original system consists of an air-conditioned blanket with chilled water flowing inside. The feeling of comfort and relaxation is total and immediate. Being able to Sleep nice and cool, while it is 40º, is no longer a dream, without having to use air conditioning.

This little wonder came from the imagination of a Frenchman, Dr. Tamburini, a specialist in circulatory problems: "With the arrival of summer, half of my appointments would be about problems with sleep, usually caused by poor blood circulation in the legs. Each time the same question: "Doctor, what advise can you give me for my night’s sleep?” This situation led to the idea of CLIMSOM, the heated blanket system. Because in the end, thanks to its well known properties of analgesic, anti-inflammatory and vasoconstrictor, cold can really help alleviate these symptoms. 

This magical appliance can also provide relief for menopause, pregnancy, excess weight or night sweats…it can cool you to 18º! This will change your nights and, above all, your life.




Tel: 639 62 65 96

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