Terra Sana Earth Day

Terra Sana will be celebrating a special day for the planet:
"Earth Day" 24th April, Terra Sana Golden Mile, offer you a special dinner with the aim of:
First to say thanks to the planet for allowing us to live.
Secondly to raise funds to plant trees in local areas.
Also an urgent call from Terra Sana’s friend the horse sanctuary CYD Santa Maria in Coín. Part of the funds raised by the dinner will go to planting trees in the finca.
April 25: Eco Day at CYD Santa Maria
The association CYD is an animal welfare centre that takes in mistreated and abandoned horses in the worst conditions, and help them recover. This winter has been particularly hard and there has been damage to the finca, and some horses have suffered terribly. We hope that this is not repeated in the summer. We have therefore asked Terra Sana, La Chispa & Eco Group Pinsapo to organise an ‘Eco-day’ on Sunday 25 April to help prepare for summer.
1º meeting point: 10:00 am Terra Sana Golden Mile enfrente del Hotel Guadalpin.
2º Meeting point: 10:30 am Venta Pula en carretera Ojen – Coín.
More information:
Asociación CYD Santa María en Coín
Teléfonos: +34 658 900 600 / +34 610 397 027
Email: virginiasoleragarcia@gmail.com
Terra Sana Life Team
Tel: +34 667 67 35 57 / lifeteam@terrasana.net
Phil Speirs, La Chispa
Tel: +34 951 165 092 / Mb: +34 659 537 525
Agrupación Ecologista PINSAPO
Tel: +34 692 92 61 66
MAIN OBJECTIVE: is to plant trees at least 2 metres tall so that they can survive the high temperatures and provide shade for the weakest animals.

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