The Accidental Psychic

Mark Bajerski is quickly becoming established as one of the coast’s best known psychics despite having only developed his craft in the past few years working with some of the world’s best mediums.
It was just three years ago that he discovered his latent psychic powers after getting involved with a powerful healing group where his abilities were instantly recognised. Having discovered his calling, Mark never looked back and says, “within a very short space of time my work life has snowballed at such a speed my feet haven’t touched to ground. Four years ago I was a normal guy with no thought of a spiritual or healing path but, as if by magic, people just appeared to show me my gifts. From that point on people started asking for me to give a psychic reading or a ‘Pure Energy’ healing session, and were so impressed they wanted to tell the world about me.”
Mark works tirelessly and is already developing a reputation internationally, even getting known among Hollywood stars. He firmly believes that the positive ‘magic’ that he has developed carries him forward to build on his work so far and creates a positive future for him and his family. By opening himself to the ‘universal energies’ and believing in himself a much more powerful path became available and given how quickly his work has snowballed he has plenty of faith in this. “Its a good start to go to teachers and listen to what they have to say,” Mark explains. “But remember, when you start to listen to you, then your true gifts shines through.” His gift, he believes, lies in using his ‘magic’ to help people move forward with a strong feeling of hope by unlocking their true potential. Testimonial on his web site certainly indicate some remarkable results from people who have experienced his work. 
Mark is now getting invitations to appear on TV shows in America and in the UK, as well as being asked to give readings in many countries and at the same time is writing a book, the Accidental Psychic, after giving a reading to an editor based here in southern Spain.
Mark feels he has learned one important piece of wisdom from his experience: “you have the power, it is you that truly knows, it is you and no other that can make you happy, strong and powerful. Listen to your feelings and never doubt yourself, for we are all Amazing…trust and believe in you.” 

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