The eco house

If we were to have the opportunity to create the ideal eco house, what features would we include? I imagine our list could start with renewable energies before moving on to energy saving and good insulation. We could consider the fixtures and fittings and see what eco alternatives were available and of course we would want to make sure our heating was as efficient as possible. What if we were looking for somewhere we could find all these things under one roof? That is the question that a new project in Málaga is trying to answer – a one-stop shop for eco solutions for the home and garden.
The heating systems in the installation are based around pellet stoves which use recycled wood chippings materials as fuel and built in fires that, thanks to an innovative ‘cassette’ make them extremely efficient heat sources, rather than, as many people find out, extremely inefficient as all the heat is lost through the chimney. The cassette convects the hot air back into the room meaning they use less fuel and are much more effective. For the customer one of the key features here is that there is a grant of up to 60% on these kinds of fires. The customer does not have apply for the grant as it is built into the cost of the fireplace.
Another innovation is the use of a new generation of non toxic PVC windows, hermetically sealed and double glazed – up to one fifth of the heat in a house can be lost through the windows and these are a big improvement on the aluminium, single glazed fittings that are so common in the province. With high levels of energy efficiency in the house fuel costs fall dramatically, and using LED lighting throughout means that electric bills are also much reduced. The same principles can be applied to water savings – with aerator fittings on taps up to 50% less water is used, while in the garden efficient watering systems or a ‘dry’ garden design also mean big savings. One of the features that may be captures the direction of industry to a greener future – one of Spain’s largest surface manufacturers has developed a range of surfaces, strong and durable like marble or granite, but made from 75% recycled materials. From inside to out, this innovative project have created a vision of the future that anyone can visit and see how they can make major and minor changes in their living environment to save money and the planet.


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