The Light of Yoga

Emily Gilchrist has been following and teaching the way of Yoga for over 8 years. Her journey began in India, and after becoming a dedicated student and seeing the transformation in her emotional and physical life, it became clear that she needed to share this ancient healing art with as many people as she could. Since then she has been teaching classes and retreats in Dubai, England, Ireland and more recently Andalucia, Spain. Her passion and love for sharing this gift has now inspired her to move further forward on this Journey, where she will be heading to Ethiopia to teach Yoga as a means of therapy for children with Aids. Yoga has been proven to enhance the quality of life, as it boosts the immune system, increases cell renewal rate, as well as toning, strengthening organs and manipulating key skeletal structure back into place. This technique offers the potential to prolong and improve the quality of life, a vital tool for people with Aids. The therapy will be combined with Art and Music, which will allow the individual to show their knowledge and understandings through creative expression. This has led Emily to redesign her web site to enable those inspired by Yoga to get involved without having to be there. The site will direct readers to the blog, Yoga in Ethiopia, which will give all the latest news and updates on how the project is progressing from supported ideas and donations. This way readers and supporters of this site will be able to have their own input and reassurance as to how the funds will be used. All ideas and questions regarding the project are welcomed, and Emily hopes that the site will provide a useful service and that together everyone can share the light of Yoga. from September


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