Time Banks in Spain

The web site vivirsinempleo has released a google map of all the time banks in Spain with contact details; there is a total of 163 at present distributed in the following numbers in each autonomous community:
Andalucía 14
Aragón 6
Asturias 1
Baleares 8
C.Valenciana 7
Canarias 3
Cantabria 2
Castilla La Mancha 2
Castilla y León 4
Catalunya 21
Euskadi 5
Extremadura 2
Galicia 68
La Rioja 2
Madrid 16
Murcia 1
Navarra 1
The region at the forefront is Galicia, mostly because they have legislated to promote Time Banks in all their municipalities. Next is Catalunia with 21 Time Banks largely thanks to the pioneering work of the association Health and Family, that has been organising courses to help people set up Time Banks and holds an annual conference on the subject. Ceuta and Melilla are the only regions that do not have a Time Bank.
We also came across a great resource for people interested in local currencies – a digital magazine called ‘Community Currency’ which can be downloaded from the internet where it is published using page turning technology by the digital publishers ISSUU. The magazine has plenty of first hand experiences of local currencies throughout the world and there is a frequently updated blog with lots of useful information.

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