Times of Change

Modern humanity has maintained an exploitative relationship with the planet, but now we need to aspire to a more symbiotic relationship. We need to invest in developing activities that do not destroy its vital infrastructure: the environment. Some businesses and people have already started along this path, showing practically that ecology and economy not only can, but must, follow the same trajectory. In 1995, just such a  group of environmentally aware people, proposed creating a company that would plant enough trees to generate raw material for the wholesale wood market and at the same time reforest with indigenous trees the areas where they worked.

The project arrived fully formed in 2000 with the name Maderas Nobles de la Sierra de Segura, SA (MNSS), establishing a company that promotes woodland plantations though sustainable forestry. Their objectives are the production of high value, ecologically grown wood, and the creation of indigenous forests that can offset pollution through the adsorption of CO².

The business model is to realise a good financial return for people investing in planting organic trees that also benefits the area that is planted with a new forested area generated through efficient and sustainable practices. The concept, very simply, is to create benefits for the investor, the rural population and the environment. The reality, ten years later, is that MNSS is the only company in the world that has an organic certificate for planting trees that can be used in the wood industry (walnut, chestnut, cherry, linden, mountain ash, alder and maple) that can be sold in investment lots of varying amounts. This production of organic wood is then sold for the furniture industry, construction and carpentry.

The company works in hundreds of hectares with tens of thousands of trees using pioneering methods such as regenerative agriculture, permaculture, carbon farms, and, equally important, realising the potential of a real economic activity to solve the current crisis. Today, they can count more than 4,000 clients on their books, including celebrities and multinationals. The company, and its staff, works to give something back to society, from the rural world, a solid and real economic activity: creating high quality raw material, bringing knowledge and skill to recreate the woodlands of the Mediterranean, revitalising the earth to help the environment and create business opportunities that address the great challenges of climate change.

Contacto para Andalucía: Alejandro
Tel: 675 882 055

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