Trees – a recession proof investment!

“Trees are a part of the solution to fighting climate change.” Al Gore
Investing in trees is a reliable alternative in times of crisis. Their value is more immune to market changes, and they can, literally, offer a solid and constant growth. Trees have become a reliable safe haven in these difficult times and, in the US, forestry investments have become well established, while in Europe they varie from country to country. In Spain more and more people are putting some of their savings into forest holding and buying up plots of trees. With timber investments, the main feature is the actual biological growth of the trees (between 4 and 6% per year) and the rising price of wood in the long run (1 – 3% above inflation). This impact of stable, year on year growth related to profitability is the key feature of forest investments because they are not affected by any other securities. This makes it especially attractive to add to a portfolio and is considered to be a  low risk investment. Not selling timber when the price is low is another significant benefit, as well as being able to modify the forest environment according to market developments.
When an operation of this nature is developed in a temperate country like Spain, it also usually has the advantage of very high guaranteed certainty, something that is extremely important for long-term investments. Maderas Nobles de las Sierras Seguras is an agroforestry company that has dedicated the last 10 years to this business, using organic techniques, permaculture and sustainable management. They now have around 5,000 customers who have purchased plots of high value trees, such as walnut, chestnut, cherry and others. This is in addition to over 100 companies that have placed their confidence in their programme ‘responsARBOLidad’, to offset their CO² emissions through the planting of native forests.
Another part of the MNSS mission, is to develop high level seminars such as the annual gathering of the ‘International Friends of the Trees’, that has been attended by global figures such as Al Gore, Vandana Shiva, Robert Kennedy Jr., Daryl Hannah, Bill Mollison, and Darren Doherty, among others. The central theme has been trees and their many features and capabilities, including their role in combating climate change.


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