Wellmind Retreat with Elana Rosenbaum: Reduce stress and refresh

Wellmind invite you to share a special experience and connect with all your senses and with the same nature in full presence … Join them to live a few days when you know, both from the perspective of modern science and ancient wisdom from what are some keys to lead a healthier life physically, mentally and spiritually.
Through the practice of a wide range of exercises that you can easily practice yourself, achieving moments of comfort, relaxation and being fully present, not only during the retreat, but also so that you can integrate them into your daily life and be much healthier.
Be in one of the most charming places that nature can provide … and upon leaving, reaching down through the beautiful views of mountains and valleys of the Serrania de Ronda, lies the village of Benalauría … an ideal place to spend a retreat together.
There is increasing scientific evidence that if we as individuals take the initiative, if we take responsibility for our own minds, we can achieve exceptional levels of mental clarity, energy and wellbeing, regardless of the external conditions.
Life is wonderful and difficult. How is it possible to meet the challenges of aging, disease and death and keep perspective? Can we find wholeness and be at peace, even in the midst of great turmoil and change? The mindfulness practice is all about cultivating compassion and wisdom. It is about living mindfully, moment to moment, without judging, and this can be gained through the development of intentional conscious breathing, sounds, thoughts and feelings.
Focusing on the present moment allows us to free ourselves from the worries and fears that are not in our immediate experience or within our control. This retreat will provide the support needed to gain knowledge and understanding of the workings of our mind and thought patterns and behaviors that shape our experience. Through meditation exercises, sitting, walking, conscious movement, talks and discussion we will use all our senses to explore the beauty around us and within us that brings peace. This practice is useful for both personal and professional use.
More information:
"Retreat to reduce stress and revive"
Date: From 25 to 28 March.
Location: Benalauría-Genal valley (Málaga).
Phone: +34 951 232 782

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