What is…Aura Soma?

Aura Soma

Aura Soma is a therapy based on light and colour, its name coming from the Latin aura (breath of air) and Greek soma (body). It uses the vibrations of a range of colours presented in 108 bottles to help expand the human consciousness, develop self-realisation and provide holistic healing. Discovered in 1984 by herbalist Vicky Wall at the age of 66, when she was nearly blind, she felt drawn to create these blends of colours, known as Equilibrium, using the most natural ingredients she could find, without knowing at the time to what purpose. In practice over time, she found her clients were drawn to certain bottles and that their particular vibration had beneficial effects on the client’s wellbeing, giving her a body of knowledge to formulate an analysis of their properties. The therapy invites the client to choose 4 bottles intuitively, almost as a self diagnosis, with the intention that ‘you are the colour you choose and these reflect the needs of your inner self.’ The energy and vibrational force of the colours are considered to be diagnostic and healing, and the therapist ‘reads’ the significance of each colour chosen. The Auro Soma system works on emotional and spiritual wellbeing and the colours help to bring the person back into balance. Vicky Wall, the founder, called them ‘living jewels’ and felt that they were a mirror to the soul enabling the individual, in their colour choices to reflect their deeper self.






Aura Soma España: www.aurasoma.net


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