XII meeting of the Iberian Eco-village network


The XII meeting of the Iberian Eco village network will be held in Cortijo Los Baños – Al Hammam on 9 – 12 September.
Cortijo Los Baños….
oIs a group of people living and working in gardens and allotments in Almeria province. They run a farm school and a centre for courses and personal development. There are 14 people permanently based at the centre and they are looking to develop it as a place for meetings and education and they are hoping for more people to come and live there. 
Organisation …
To register is 35€ which can be transferred to 1491 0001 26 0020012120, their Triodos Bank account with the concepto: “XIII Encuentro RIE + name”.
To confirm it is important to send an email to: encuentrorie@cortijo-al-hamam.com with your name and contact details, number of children etc.
There is vegetarian food available throughout the gathering at 17€ per day for 3 meals. 
For caravans the price is 15€ and for parking 10€ per car. 
Children under 8 don’t pat and 8 – 14 pay half.
The space…
Live the gathering …
… Bring your own plates and glasses and cutlery.
… Bring a lantern or torch. NO candles!
… Reduce your rubbish during the gathering.
… Respect the private spaces.
… Respect the vegetable gardnes.
… Reduce water use and respect the environment.

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