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Although the majority of women get pregnant easily, almost one in every six couples in Spain have problems conceiving and more and more people resort to assisted reproduction, with IVF becoming increasingly common. Although these treatments can be a godsend to some people, procedures such as IVF are both stressful and expensive with a success rate averaging 25%. So what is the alternative?

Women in China have used acupuncture for centuries to help with hormonal imbalance and promote fertility. Today in the West it is increasingly used alongside fertility treatments and recent research suggests that IVF treatment could be more effective in combination with acupuncture.

If you are trying to get pregnant naturally, acupuncture is most effective for those couples who are experiencing problems like irregular ovulation, endometriosis, recurrent miscarriages, low sperm count or who have been diagnosed with “unexplained infertility”.

Lifestyle, medical issues, emotional distress or trauma can lead to illness and throw your system into disarray. This can manifest with irregular cycles, PMS, painful period, heavy or on the contrary excessively light periods, endometriosis, etc. When it comes to fertility, having a fertile terrain (a healthy body, a balanced endocrine system, good energy levels) will put you in a better place to conceive and have a healthy pregnancy. A holistic approach to achieve this is then crucial to restore balance in the body as a whole rather than address isolated symptoms.

Carole Duménil’s approach was developed after working for several years with acupuncturist and fertility expert Gerad Kite in London and aims to optimize your overall health and wellbeing in order to enhance your fertility. Alongside acupuncture treatment, you learn to understand your body’s fertility signs, are more aware of changes through the cycle and feel more in control of your body. The process may also involve adapting your diet to suit your constitution (or “fertility type”): in Chinese medicine the approach to health and fertility changes according to whether you have irregular cycles, painful periods, bad PMT, etc. Lifestyle changes may also be suggested. Indeed, while some people can stay up late and wake up full of energy others have one glass of wine and feel dreadful the next day. It is important that you know yourself as general health has a significant affects on fertility.

This approach can help you to understand your body better, discover what “fertility type” you are and how you can get your body in balance and ready for conception. It will also help manage gynaecological conditions such as PMS, amenorrhoea (lack of period), ovulation problems, endometriosis or PCOS, improve and thicken the endometrium and balance hormones to achieve optimum health and wellbeing.

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