Antitherapy in Málaga

Massage, osteopathy, kinesiology, nutrition. Regain health and body care.
To improve the body, remove pain or to give pleasure is one of the best displays of affection that humans can offer to ourselves. It is the objective pursued by manual therapies. Therapists are becomingly increasingly well trained and in their centres can count on many clients who arrive for one of these three reasons and end up becoming regular visitors to receive this care and attention.
In our sedentary lifestyle with little or no physical activity physical care is more difficult and this coupled with bad eating habits makes the body soft, with the attendant health problems that this entails. There are an increasing number of people who are becoming interested in health, who want to know what to do, how to eat and how to understand better how the body works and how to alleviate tension.  
The therapist encounters many problems such as aches and pains every day in their clinics, that without the right help will quickly become chronic problems. People’s diet leaves much to be desired as shown by the results of years of the typical modern Mediterranean diet. Intolerance to milk, flour, oil, salt or sugar nutrition all indicate that nutrition is an important area to treat.
Finding out which is the proper treatment to relieve pain or stress and knowing what the correct diet that won’t create more stress and tension is essential and in this kinesiology test is an excellent way to get these responses from the body. Developed over many years, these tests have allowed therapists to develop a dialogue with the body, the ability to stimulate the body and observe the reaction, to help understand where there is tension, where there is a problem and how to alleviate them. This has been the key to the growing interest in these arts. During many years of work and investigation with professional athletes Jose Godoy has developed a laser testing that is much easier than the standard kinesiology testing where the contact can affect the results. This test is so simple that anyone can do it by applying it to ask the body what is functioning properly or not.
The Antiterapia team is in Malaga for free demonstrations one Friday every month for anyone wanting to learn this testing system, whether professionals or simply interested in learning if they are functioning properly or not.
These sessions will be held at Centro Sananda, c/ Maestro Leucona, 9 near the bus station, Málaga.
In one afternoon, participants learn how to make a test that forms the basis of communication with the body, a test where there is no physical contact in order to see how the person responds to stress. A simple solution to many everyday problems.
Jose Luis Godoy

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