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Biodanza, “The Dance of Life”, can be understood as a ‘dance’, or as movement full of meaning, organic, without choreography, spontaneous and natural. These dances, or experiences, are accompanied by carefully selected music, and have a symbolic meaning in our life and have within them the ability to change our ‘existential dance’.
Biodanza is a system that is designed to explore and develop the expression of human potential through music, singing, movement, group communication exercises and integrated experiences.

50 years ago, in a psychiatric hospital at the Faculty of Medicine, University of Chile, a psychologist, anthropologist and poet discovered how certain rhythms influenced and improved the patient’s condition. From these origins, the Biodanza of Rolando Toro developed.

In a Biodanza class people work in groups, developing the nurturing power of healthy relationships among the members and provide ideal conditions for protection, acceptance, self esteem and permission allowing the person to express themselves completely. A session lasts two hours and begins with a group discussion about their experiences in the previous class. All the exercises are performed to music, and it is the music that connects the people directly with their emotions and leads them into the movement. In this way the experience is very much of the “here and now.”

Biodanza is a healthy discipline as it develops the big five ‘experience channels’: vitality, emotions, creativity, sexuality and transcendence. These five channels cover the whole spectrum of life and by paying attention to their development and expression we can enhance our level of health and integration.

Biodanza is therapeutic because it helps us recover the sense of being alive, to find meaning in the simple joy of living. Inspired by the ‘Biocentric Principle’, that puts living at the centre of our existence, without analysing past conflicts and suffering, and to help bring about change in the individual.


October 14 – 16: VI Biodanza Gathering – Al-Andaluz School in Malaga are organising the VI ‘gathering for the Cooperation and Exchange of Biodanza’ titled “The Poetry of human encounter.” This is a unique moment to dive into the ‘dance of life’, run by the best teachers in Europe and America. Conferences, Biodanza sessions and more in one unforgettable weekend.
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