Bodytox – A natural way to detox

Our bodies are increasingly exposed to unwanted toxins, both internal and external, and while we can wash away the external ones, internal toxins are more difficult to shift. Fasting, detox retreats and exercise can all help, and now Bodytox offer another solution, one that can even work while you sleep. Patches containing natural ingredients that are considered to be beneficial and the effect of Far Infrared heat, when applied to different parts of the body help flush out toxins through the lymph system and also absorb them into the patches. Diana Dudas, who is developing Bodytox here on the coast commented: We believe that these detox patches should be used by everyone with an interest in good health, they are easy to use and effective in keeping our bodies well balanced and free of toxins.” There is a range of patches available for different requirements: foot patches that are applied before going to sleep help with general detox, natural warm patches for maintaining good blood circulation and lavender sleep patches for a more restful night.

Tel: 636 707 947 (ESP) – 663 397 789 (ENG)

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