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Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) is defined as the study of the structure of subjective experience and what can be calculated from that and is predicated upon the belief that all behaviour has structure. In easy to understand terms it is a series of techniques to get inside the brain and change our patterns of thinking. Conor Corderoy has brought his own brand of NLP to the coast helping people break out of their restricting belief systems, overcome hard wired issues and discover more fulfilment and happiness.
Through a series of innovative courses, Conor hopes to bring the benefits of NLP to a wider audience. “If someone comes to me for therapy sessions, once I have done the work they have to go out on their own again.” Conor explained. “If people come on the course, not only do they get the therapy sessions during the course, but they also get the tools to practice and maintain the benefits long term.” Key to Conor’s technique is finding out what belief systems people have that are holding them back. Sometimes they can be quite bizarre. “Once we have exposed these limiting beliefs, I can then help people to create distance from them and give perspective to them,” Conor continued. “This is very important in changing behaviour patterns and can be amazingly quick and permanent.”
Conor recounted some examples that had achieved remarkable results in just a few sessions. Using a combination of powerful NLP tools such as hypnosis and ‘metamodelling’, a system of questioning which challenges the distortions people make in their representation of reality, and brings us closer to our real experience, he has seen people overcome deep seated and long standing issues such as anorexia and psychoses. Hypnosis is a key element in NLP and allows people to access the deeper and ‘hidden’ belief systems in their unconscious  minds, unlocking them and allowing them to be put into perspective so that the person can heal and grow.
Originally developed in the 1970s, NLP has grown into a popular tool for self help and personal development, but Conor points out that his work also applies to more serious conditions. “I treat a lot of people with depression and childhood traumas and can go deep into these issues to provide lasting healing. We are literally rewiring neural networks; we have a saying that goes ‘cells that fire together, wire together’ meaning that as we start to use new networks in the brain they become more permanent.”
The courses that Conor has developed with co-worker Maggie Meigh, are designed to be accessible to everyone, from four day intensives that Conor describes as ‘truly life changing’ to one-day introductions to hypnosis and metamodelling. “There is a real ‘before’ and ‘after’ experience with the intensive courses,” he said. “There is part seminar and part practical application that give people the tools to make life work and to be happy – that is ultimately most people’s goal.”

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