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Balens in conjunction with APSE have announced the introduction of a specialist insurance package tailor made for APSE members as well as individual therapists working in Spain. The combination of Balens 20 year long standing expertise, experience and dedication to the Ethics of Natural Medicine and Well Being, plus APSE’s commitment to its members has produced a ground breaking insurance policy at competitive rates. Balens are based in the UK and have a dedicated bilingual capacity, they also visit Spain on a regular basis.
Whats covered?
Limit of indemnity €360,000 in aggregate including cost and expenses for each and every claim. Remember you don’t have to have been negligent, for someone to sue you! We cover the defence of the allegation whether true or untrue! Wide description of cover means that you needn’t worry if you will be covered or not! This means that each of the following types of situation will be covered for the overall maximum of €360,000 per claim and in the year…
Professional indemnity – loss to your clients arising from treatment or advice
Medical Malpractice – causing injury to your clients arising from treatment or advice
Public liability – causing damage or injury but not directly as a result of treatment or advice
Product liability – if a product innocently supplied or sold is defective, and injures someone
Court and defence costs for the above
Defence for Sexual harassment allegations
Unlimited retroactive cover:
Means that Indemnity relating to any claim that is registered within in the insurance year regardless of when the incident took place.
Cover is extended to the European territorial limits, as long as the claim is brought against you in Spain.
Means that you are insured to work anywhere in Europe
Policy excess Nil
Means that you will not have to pay any contribution to the insurer in the event of a claim. Balens are here to protect you.
50% Student discount
For case study work under supervision
Covers Shiatsu, Moxabustion, and various other medium risk therapies. We can also cover more invasive therapies such as acupuncture upon request.

Balens’ expertise includes a deep knowledge of the many therapies in Natural Medicine, so you needn’t worry that someone here doesn’t understand what you do or what you need. We have 32 Staff dedicated to Health Professionals!

Balens, Agentes Especialistas de Seguros para Terapeutas y Organizaciones de Salud Complementaria
2 Nimrod House, Sandy’s Road, Malvern, Worcs, WR14 1JJ
Tel: 01684 – 893006 Fax: 01684 – 891361
Seguro en España:

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