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Feng Shui Centre opens in Málaga

The idea for the Feng Shui Centre was born from many years of hard work, exploring various disciplines that study the flow of energy in everything that affects us. The overall objective of the therapies and techniques that are offered at the centre is to bring about health, mental-emotional balance, prosperity and self realisation, working on the 3 levels of mind, body and spirit.

Every person is his own world, but forms part of a collective and shares the planet with others. “We need to understand this and open ourselves to the Earth and the Universe of which we form a part,” explained Jose Maria Campos, director of the centre. “On the mental level we can help to clear blockages, recurring patterns and to help people to realise the opportunities presented by the Universe.” Their goal is to improve quality of life, open doors to prosperity and provide tools to connect with our innate skills and potential. The work of the highly qualified professionals and expert therapists that form the team at the centre offer personalised programmes for people, appreciating that everyone is unique and has their own special requirements. Feng Shui, TNDR massage, Chinese astrology, acupuncture and many more techniques are available to apply a personalised service to help each individual receive the most benefit.

Apart from the personal consultancy, the centre offers workshops, talks, presentations, professional seminars and courses. Jose Maria Campos is a specialist in Feng Shui and explains his work as: “the study and analysis of the movement of energy that we call ‘chi’, the vital force that drives all the action of the from the smallest living thing to the movement of the planets, and how it passes through our living spaces.”

Yolanda al 952 432 665 o 615 121 224
c/ Fiscal Luís Portero García, 3-viv 513, Teatinos de Málaga
(junto a la Universidad y el Palacio de Justicia)

Jan 14 & 15: Feng Shui Básico
Feb 24 – 28: Masaje y Exploración TNDR
Feb: cursos y talleres de Hipnosis y parapsicología.

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