Coaching from the heart

Life Coaching encompasses many different approaches and techniques that are all aimed at improving a particular area of someone’s life, often somewhere that they feel that they have got stuck in.
More often than not these areas are related to work or relationships, situations where it is easy to get caught in a circular conversation in the mind that ends up going nowhere. And even in good, open and communicative relationships there are often subjects that are not easy to discuss and again the mental loop becomes limiting and often leads to other problems. Coaching provides a way out of this loop, using whatever techniques the coach has available to discover, not just the immediate issues, but also what lies deeper behind them and break these limiting beliefs.
Much like a holistic doctor will look beyond the symptoms to the root cause of an illness, so the coach will work on more deep rooted issues to avoid the ‘symptoms’ returning. Jerry Zondervan, who is based in southern Spain, explained that his work is aimed at getting to the person’s real feelings and needs. “I am trying to get to the truth of what the person needs,” Jerry explained. “I act as a mirror to help the person find out what they want in their heart not just in their brain.” Jerry helps people discover and release their mental and emotional blockages to realise their full potential and also brings to his work an approach that has a spiritual aspect. “You have to be delicate with spiritual matters, but sometimes, once there is confidence in the coaching, I can offer some spiritual teachings to bring a deeper level of understanding to the sessions.”
Jerry went on to explain that “Buddhist philosophy or Patajali’s yogic wisdom bring in another dimension for people to absorb and use to improve their own particular life and help gain deeper insight into their problems and situations.” Ultimately the coach is there to help the person find their own answers and if ancient wisdom can be used as well then, for Jerry, then it another useful tool to help people on their journey.
Jerry offers up to two free sessions for people to experience his work – either in the privacy of their homes, at the holistic centre in Tarifa, at Terra Sana in Estepona or at Satsang in Alhaurin el Grande

Caring for You
Jerry Zondervan
Tel: 627 664 525

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