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When Sandra Glijn started her studies in Feng Shui many years ago, she quickly realized that this ancient Chinese scientific discipline, dedicated to well being, could be difficult to integrate into a modern European lifestyle. In an attempt to ‘adapt’ traditional Feng Shui to 21st century living, Sandra created the concept of ‘Cosmic Chi’, chi being the invisible energy that connects us all, instead of Feng Shui (which literally means ‘wind, water’). Keeping the basic principles of traditional Feng Shui such as the 5 elements, bagua, Iching and Feng Shui compass system, there is an extra, sixth element called Cosmic Chi, ‘the Dragon’s breath’ – the wind.

Adapting techniques that improve people’s well being and enhancing objects to fit in with modern living requires a creative and flexible attitude. For example, instead of the traditional 5 element pagoda, an important symbol in Feng Shui with its gold, metal colour and typical Chinese symbolism, Cosmic Chi designed a new object in silver using more international symbols that is more suitable for western culture. Sandra focuses first on using shapes, materials, colours and placing furniture in certain ways, before using traditional or adapted ‘cures’ to fix problems people have in their lives. Once a consultation is finished people usually notice a positive energy shift very quickly. The secret of a good consultancy is to know how to calculate the lucky positions for money and relationships in the building and how to tap into them. It’s possible for everybody to improve their life and to be more in harmony with their surroundings and to smooth the obstacles in life by using good Feng Shui.

Sandra Glijn
Cosmic Chi
Tel: 655 947 185

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