Dr Hulda Clark: The road to wellbeing

After 50 years of research, Dr. Hulda Clark developed a combination of different treatments to cure her patients. No matter how long the list of symptoms, according to Dr. Clark there is guaranteed to be two things that are fundamentally wrong: there are toxins and parasites in the body.

These numerous tiny invaders are always present in the body, but are held at bay by the immune system. However, for most of us the white blood cells of the immune system cannot function because they are intoxicated with immunosuppressive agents such as radioactivity, heavy metals, benzene, asbestos, PCBs, and other physical and chemical toxins. These are all substances that are present in most of the products that surround us: water, cosmetics, food and drinks. So, although the white blood cell count is correct, they do not work because of these toxins, and they cannot fight the pathogens that are present in all conditions. Once they are got rid of, chronic illnesses and infections will disappear.

It is possible to find things in the human body that a blood test alone can not discover. Electronic evidence is, in many ways, superior to chemical methods. Radio electronics can identify abnormal forms in the body without invasive techniques. Viruses, bacteria, fungi, parasites, solvents and toxins can all be discovered using these techniques. Everyone has a unique frequency and everything can be found by the technique known as “Selective Electrocution” (Zapping).

The accumulation of these toxic substances weakens the immune system in parts of the body allowing parasites to take hold in that area. Each parasite has a preference for a particular organ, which it will be attracted to if it has the particular pollutant that provides food for that parasite, leaving their waste and creating different diseases that are called ‘chronic’, ‘incurable’ or ‘genetic’ that are not actually so.

Dr. Clark’s system aims to provide intestinal, kidney and liver cleansing; pathogen removal and detoxification and white blood cell strengthening supplements. The devices that are used in Dr. Clarks’ treatments include the famous Zapper, that can help to remove pathogens, provides polarity ‘North’ and stimulates the immune system. Zap Plates can help to heal a damaged organ in serious condition, while the Ozonator helps to disinfect food and drink, eliminate phenols, cyanides and estrogens in our food. The Food Zappicator brings North polarity and eliminates pathogens.

Dr. Clark’s techniques and treatments are being offered in Arroyo de la Miel at Herboristeria Madre Tierra.
Tel: 952 560 534

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