Eco sauna

Eco Sauna

The sauna has been used for millennia as a therapeutic device in many cultures throughout the world, and these days there are not many gyms and bath houses that do not have one. Hot humid steam baths have numerous benefits for general health and especially the condition of the skin. Regular use can prevent illnesses, pain and restore balance in the body. The Ecosauna is a new innovation that takes its inspiration from an ancient Ayurvedic practice that sets a uniform temperature from 40º – 50º over the whole body apart from the head, which is always outside to avoid strain on the brain. The easily transportable unit is designed to fit over any regular massage table and establishes a relative humidity of 99% creating the classic sauna ‘fog’. The steam is circulated uniformly round the unit providing all the benefits of being in an actual sauna, while zips allow the unit to be accessed so that heat can be released or cold water sprayed in over the body or essential oils added depending on the treatment being applied. The therapeutic benefits include helping blood circulation, increasing metabolism, and improving cardio-vascular activity, delivering oxygen rich blood to the muscles. The Ecosauna also helps to eliminate toxins and improves the skin by getting rid of dead cells and bringing natural nutrients to the surface as a result of the improved circulation. Complete instructions are included with every unit on how to use the system safely and effectively to get the maximum benefits.

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