Gestalt therapy


At the Instituto Guestalt Counselling’s school prospective therapists and counselors first learn to reactivate their own internal resources and come to terms with their own problems and anxieties. This process helps to remove the need to always direct and control a situation, of being the one who is knowledgeable and instead teaches them how to provide a psychological space that is warm, gentle and solid, and also a real space where future clients can feel at home, where they can reactivate their resources and dormant potential. They also learn to provide a place where issues can be felt and understood and where people can come to terms with their fears, anger or pain and incorporate it into their life. Students learn how to create a place where their clients have hope in their lives and learn to cultivate their inner self.

Gestalt is based in the here and now, the obvious and the making of conscious decisions (“realization”) of what we actually do in our lives, how we do it and what we actually want or need (and how we can get it).

As in other humanastic therapies, Gestalt therapy takes an holistic approach to human experience and assumes an innate tendency to health and integrity and the realization of latent potential. It promotes responsibility in situations and the awareness of a person’s own needs and what satisfies them. Gestalt changes the question from “why” to “how” by providing perspective and guidance, and uses techniques based on life, experience as well as experiments and research. It places spontaneity in front of structure and control, and living over pain and suffering, feeling over rationalization, a universal understanding of how things work over the dichotomy of apparent contradictions.

Gestalt Therapy is considered a philosophy of life in which the person assumes the values of self-respect, responsibility for how he thinks, feels and acts, honesty and development with both feet firmly planted on the ground, interacting with others and their environments in an open and mature manner.

Gestalt therapy can be a sincere and honest encounter with yourself, face to face without there being any accusations, judgment or punishment. It is a meeting that allows you to get to know yourself again, to integrate and transform your life; a meeting with inner truths that allows you to meet and engage with others who are different and diverse. It provides an opportunity to realise your inner resources and potential in life, all taking place in a school that is careful to respect the existential nature of each one of us and that is experienced in dealing with emotional discomfort and psychological disorder.

(Gestalt Counsellor) at the Institute Gestalt Counselling
By: Mario Fernandez Alameda
Counselling Gestalt Institute Director
Tel: 606 333 650

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