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Iris Maas has a passion for health and organic food, and this has led her to set up a brand new whole food shop in Estepona. Together with her partner Hadelin they moved from Holland to Estepona recently to enjoy the better climate and friendly people.
Her interest in natural health came from her own experiences of being able to cure herself of a condition by radically changing her diet. This led her to study nutrition, phytotherapy, reflexology and Bach flowers to understand how natural medicine works and be able to help others take control of their own wellbeing. The new shop, conveniently situated near the centre of town on Avda. Juan Carlos I, offers a wide range of organic, quality products, such as fruit & vegetables, bread, lactose and gluten free products, organic meat and fish, macrobiotic, vegetarian/vegan products, vitamins and other supplements, herbs, tea and infusions, Bach flowers, trace elements, organic cosmetics, organic household products and much more.
Iris has also brought together a multi national team of therapists who can work in five languages (Spanish, English, Dutch, French and German) and provide consultations in nutrition, naturopathy, chiropractic, physiotherapy, lymph drainage, animal communication and Bach flowers, to mention just a few. “We are very positive about the project,” Iris told La Chispa. “We see it as a great opportunity to be able to help people improve their quality of life.”

Herboristeria Iris
c/ Huerta Nueva, 6, Estepona
Tel: 630 215 435

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