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Interview with Gonzalo Barcelo, therapist
What type of therapy do you practice?
For the past ten years I have practiced Craneo-sacral therapy as developed by Dr. John Upledger, an American doctor and osteopath. The therapy, developed in the last century, uses manual techniques that are very soft, non invasive and respect the ability of the body to balance itself. Over time I have become more specialised using techniques developed by French osteopath Jean Pierre Barral, which involves the diagnosis and treatment of the internal organs through palpations. As this system evolved, Jean Pierre discovered a connection between the internal organs and various pains in the joints and muscles through the peripheral nervous system, as these inform, guide and connect all the parts of the body. All of the work I do is designed to be as non-intrusive as possible and reduce the amount of manipulation needed.
What is different about your work?
The therapy itself is like no other in that it is so subtle, soft and yet profoundly effective, and very relaxing. There are no pharmaceuticals and I try and give the healing power back to the client. We have an infinite range of possibilities to restore balance and heal ourselves.
What do you treat?
In reality I treat the whole person, their emotions, concerns and difficulties which are reflected in the physical body. I try to find blockages and to restore flow and timing with the rest of the system so that it can rebalance. In many cases treatment works best when supported by physical exercise such as yoga or tai chi, and other complementary therapies like homeopathy, acupuncture and chiropractic.
What about the public? Is there interest in complementary therapies?
Fortunately, every day there are more people interested and more choice of treatments. Craneo-sacral therapy was completely new in Málaga ten years ago, while today lots of people know about it, and that is thanks to the many health professionals in different disciplines committed to holistic medicine. People are no longer wary of us, thinking that we use magic or witchcraft. We are professionals offering a competent service.
What type of people do you have as clients?
I get everyone from businessmen and professionals to sports people, pensioners and the sick with chronic illnesses. I also work with children and babies to get rid of any mechanical restrictions from birth.
Where do you work?
The last four years I have worked in the centre of Málaga in edificio Escala 2,000, above Corte Ingles. But recently I moved to the other side of the street in Pasaje de Compositor Lhemberg Ruiz, 4, 3º E.

Gonzalo Barcelo Lamothe
Tel: 952 271 057 o 687 860 925

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