Healing through Archetypes

Carmen Vazquez is well known for her work in healing with ‘Archetypes’, demonstrating their effectiveness as a tool in spiritual healing. Carmen will be visiting Andalucía to offer a workshop in using Archetypes for healing that can be adapted as a complement to any existing therapy.

The workshop will focus on the study of the Archetypes as an energetic or spiritual healing therapy. Originally developed by Colin Bloy in the 1970s, Archetypal Healing is a complete healing system that aims to restore our archetypes, or blueprints, to their correct form if they have been distorted by trauma. Spiritual can be taken to mean that what is not confined to the world of matter. Spiritual Healing refers to the world of subtle energies, invisible to the physical eye. Spiritual Healing is a holistic discipline in as much as it allows people to rediscover well-being within oneself in all aspects of the person (physical, emotional, mental, spiritual and karmic). The Archetypes, or blueprints, are the elements that make up our design as human beings and could be defined as the ‘Essence’, the energetic shape of something original and perfect and are part of the sacred geometry of the universe. This energy is condensed into forms and its perception in Healing allows us to quickly diagnose, re-construct and balance any form that is damaged or weak.

One of the most therapeutic actions is to release childhood, birth, pregnancy or past life traumas that can cause an energy blockage in the karma archetype, slowing down the development of the individual and producing adverse effects such as fear, uncertainty, depressive tendencies and nervous and physical problems.

Every organism or form, composed of the mind, body, and spirit has perfect, original archetypal forms. The healer can, working from the soul and heart, and with the help of their hands, detect and modify incorrect archetypal forms that produce vibrational blocks. This therapy can help to cure any disease that has a karmic nature. It can be used to help souls that have not yet found their way, and can be considered as sacred healing for physical beings.
Understanding and working with these archetypal forms is an initiation and opening of consciousness. “Working with the healing Archetypes is an act of unconditional love,” Explains Carmen. “During the workshop participants will learn about the main types of Archetypes, seven etheric bodies, different Archetypes and their geometric shapes, anchor points, chakra Archetypes, karma Archetype, and the Cosmic Egg.”

Taller – Workshop: Dec 10 & 11 at Rosa Sagrada, Manilva with Carmen Vzquez
Price: 180€ – Saturday and Sunday, 10.30 to 19.00
Tel. 616 465 621 – www.larosasagrada.comwww.arquetipos.es

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