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 HSouthern Spain is rightly starting to build on its reputation as a place to visit for more than just sun and sangria. While package holidays will always be a part of the landscape here, a new breed of traveller looking for more eco-holistic pursuits is appearing on the horizon more and more often.
Health tourism has brought thousands of people to southern Spain looking for a better quality of life on these gentle shores and there is a boom in yoga studios, health and fitness centres and spas to reflect this growing interest and cater to a more health conscious market. The truth is, however, that many of the spas on the coast are built in hotel complexes to add a star rating, and often function more as beauty centres than centres of health and wellbeing. Vitania, recently opened on the beach front near La Cala, is setting out to change this and is at the vanguard of developing the spa experience as a place for profound therapeutic benefits.
Built to the highest standards, Vitania has exceptional facilities and pays close attention to detail such as using the finest oils in the massage rooms. Vitania offers various treatments and therapies like Thai Yoga massage, as well as regular yoga classes, but everything is centred round the spa circuit, a carefully designed hydro-therapy experience that, in the words of senior therapist, Javier Malfitani, will “cleanse and rejuvenate inside and out.” Vitania aims to rediscover the great Arabic and Roman traditions of bathing for health and boasts one of the largest hammams, or Arabic baths, on the coast. “We want to encourage people to see the spa as an integral part of their day not as an occasional treat,” Javier told me while we languished in one of the steam rooms. “Our prices are generally very reasonable, but offer extra discounts for block bookings, and we would like to see people coming 3 or 4 times a week and really get the benefits of using water as a means to better health.” Reasonable prices combined with special offer packages including breakfast, lunch or dinner at the restaurant upstairs make Vitania an ideal place to spend the day de-stressing. The spa circuit starts at a cosy 37ºC in the Arabic bath and gradually builds the heat through a series of Turkish baths until reaching a toasty 80ºC in the Swedish sauna. The second part of the circuit is in the specially designed pool with different hydro massages to thoroughly relax and rejuvenate the body.
Javier, an experienced therapist, who originally brought Thai Yoga massage to the coast 6 years ago, is keen to stress that unlike many spas on the coast that are run by hoteliers with no experience of the type of work spas do, Vitania is only a spa, run by therapists and focussed on health and wellbeing. The circuit takes up to 2 hours, but there is never any rush and people can take as long as they like, and it is carefully monitored by one of the trained staff so that everyone gets the maximum benefit from their time there. Turkish bath, steam room, sauna and hydro-therapy massages help to cleanse the body and eliminate toxins – once the ‘engine’ has been cleaned out, then goodness can be put back in. After the circuit a cool fresh juice while relaxing overlooking the calm Mediterranean waters will do just that. 

Vitania Beach Club
Urb Torrenueva Playa
c/ Rota, 4
MIjas Costa
N340 Km 199.5,

Tel: 951 772 011

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