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“Doctors do not cure anything, it is the body that heals the illness, we doctors simply help the process.” These words from the first day of medical school were formative in the development of a revolutionary new form of complementary therapy.
With this phrase in mind, Dr. Cayo Martín continued his studies with recurring questions in mind – why were there some illnesses that the body couldn’t cure and some wounds that didn’t heal? If we have the capacity to heal a broken bone, why not osteoarthritis, or a slipped disc? If we can get over a stomach complaint, why not a chronic gastric illness? Through his clinical practice, studies and investigations he started to form some answers and develop techniques of diagnosis and treatment. Over the years he developed the system known as TNDR, ‘Tecnica Naturista Desbloqueante Regeneradora’ (Natural Regenerative Unblocking Technique). TNDR is a non-invasive medical massage system, that works on points known as ‘pain knots’ that are connected by ‘pain lines’ that have been carefully identified in the diagnostic process. These points are discovered through a manual investigation of the body, and Dr. Cayo considers that these specific points are places where there is a blockage in the self-healing process.

Once they have been worked on using the TNDR massage techniques then the body’s own regenerative capacity starts to work properly again. Central to the TNDR system is the idea that there is a strong connection between the physical and psychic, and that discomfort in either domain can have implications for our health. This is why the ‘pain lines’ do not necessarily follow the path of the muscle, tendon, bone, nerve or veins, but rather follow a more whimsical route from one point to the next. Anatomical knowledge was not enough to explain his discoveries and so he concluded that illnesses had to be understood and healed by looking at changes in the physical-psychic functioning of the body, changes in ‘how we are’ as human beings.
These discoveries make TNDR very much a holistic therapy, making new connections and developing new medicine for the 21st Century. In today’s world even though there are ever increasing advances in technology making amazing discoveries in medicine, there are still a growing number of conditions and many existing ones, like simple joint pain, that are not being dealt with and healed. By recognising and studying the psychosomatic pathologies of illnesses alongside the physical examination, TNDR hopes to find clearer pathways to success in treating a whole range of conditions by creating balance and harmony in the body.

Visit TNDR at Natura Malaga 6 – 8 May 2011
Tel: 676 526 001

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