Loving food in the Loving Hut

Food fans have good reason to look forward to a visit to Marbella with the recent opening of a new restaurant – not in itself uncommon along the coast, but the fact that this restaurant is 100% vegan certainly is.
More and more people are looking for healthy options and for many that means cutting down on their meat consumption. The Loving Hut, near Marbella’s famous Alameda park, delivers quality, tasty food with a surprising amount of choice and variety – salads, lasagne, curry, burgers, , burritos and cakes, all made without a single egg, cheese or other meat product in sight. When I ate there the other day, I liked the fact that there were a lot of familiar dishes, so that it should appeal to everyone, and that the restaurant had a very pleasant atmosphere. “Our commitment is to show that great food does not have to contain animal products,” Helen, the owner told me.
The mission of the restaurant, shared with other Loving Huts throughout the world, is to encourage people to be vegetarian not just for their own health but for the health of the planet. “We believe that the negative energy of killing animals is actually harming the planet, as well as the obvious environmental impact,” Helen continued. Whatever philosophy lies behind the Loving Hut, top quality, meat-free food is their number one priority and visitors won’t be disappointed.
Loving Hut
Avda. Miguel Cano 11, Marbella
Tel: 951 245 889
Open: 11.30 – 16.30 & 19.30 – 23.30

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