Mandalas, their origins and history

Mandalas are drawings done in concentric forms and have been used since ancient times to achieve personal harmony. They are used as a visual aid in meditation, both to observe and to paint. Mandalas originated in India, but other symbolic geometric graphics have been found in many other cultures like the Native Americans (Navajo, Aztec, Incas), or the Australian aborigines.
Mandala is a Sanskrit word meaning circle, and Buddhist monks create complex mandalas to commemorate special occasions, sometimes taking weeks to build using a base of tinted sand that eventually the wind breaks apart. In this essence the work is called Karma Yoga (Yoga of action), meaning that for them it is the action that is important, not the result. A mandala that you love spontaneously, that you have chosen is actually the one you ‘should’ have chosen or almost that it chooses you. This has the energy and vibration that you will benefit you or the person you’re thinking of. Each mandala has its ‘owner’ when I paint, and of this there is no doubt
Each colour has its own significance and here is a list of these meanings:.
Red: The colour of love, passion, sensuality, strength, endurance, independence, achievement, and impulsivity. Increased confidence and self-confidence allows you to control aggression in physical energy, provide strength to the reproductive organs. Essence of survival.
Orange: energy, optimism, youth, activity, courage, self-confidence, promotes tolerance. Increased self-esteem, teaches to use the successes and failures as learning experiences. Promotes positive energy to carry out projects or goals. Physically projects energy into the small intestine and colon, all metabolic processes and lower lymph nodes.
Yellow: It is light, sun, joy, understanding, freedom, growth, wisdom, fantasy, longing for freedom. It helps to release the inner fears. Can handle the self-balancing, better channel aid to the intelligentsia. Physically projects energy to the digestive system, liver, gallbladder, pancreas, spleen, and kidneys.
Green: Balance, growth, hope, perseverance, will, healing, integrity, comfort, toughness, prestige. Projects tranquility and balance in sentiment. To express feelings more freely. Expand the inner love for self and others. It helps free us from attachment to possessions or false pretenses. Filter is the balance throughout the body. Helps control the sense of possession and jealousy. Physically, energy projects vital to the circulatory system, cardiovascular and heart.
Blue: Stability and depth. Represents loyalty, trust, wisdom, intelligence, faith, truth. Color is considered beneficial to the body and mind. Slows the metabolism and produces a calming effect. Blue is strongly linked to the peace and quiet.
Violet: Serenity, useful for mental and nervous problems. Music, magic, spirituality, love of neighbor, idealism, transformation and inspiration.
Gold: It strengthens the body and spirit. Wisdom, clarity, lucidity and vitality.
Silver: Peace, tenacity, remove illness and disease. Extrasensory abilities, fluctuating emotions, welfare. 
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