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The Marbella Chiropractic clinic in Guadalmina has been under the new ownership of Mark Lane for a year now, and Mark brings over 10 years of experience to the practice. Having experienced the benefits of chiropractic care himself in his teens, Mark was inspired to learn for himself how to unlock the body’s ability to heal and self regulate through releasing blockages in the nervous system. As a chiropractor Mark is interested in how the spine and nervous system influences health, and how stress (physical or emotional) alters neurological function, ultimately resulting in sickness and disease processes. It is now well acknowledge that stress affects your health, but what is not commonly realised is that how your body responds to stress is determined by the state of your nervous system. Stress is unavoidable, but how your body deals with this stress can be changed.

Visiting a chiropractor has long been associated with symptoms such as headaches, back pain, sciatica and neck stiffness, but chiropractic goes way beyond that. Fatigue, dizziness, poor sleeping habits; digestive and menstrual problems can also be signs of poor neurological function, and often respond well to chiropractic.

Mark looks at posture and movement as a window into neurological health, and so is also able to identify and correct neurological imbalances simply, long before they start to produce obvious symptoms. Those with long standing problems often require more than just the neurological imbalances addressed, and the Marbella Chiropractic clinic is equipped with specialised equipment rarely seen in Europe, to help patient’s rehabilitate their discs and spines and get well faster. Mark sees education as crucial in helping empower people to take control of their health and change their health destiny. Regular health classes are held at the clinic where patients and the general public learn where health comes from, as well as some practical actions they can take right away to improve their health.

Tel: 00 34 952 880 398
Urbanizacion Guadalmina Alta,
Centro Commercial 4, Local 8,
San Pedro de Alcantara 29678,

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