Mercado de las Artes

Mercado de las Artes

On the 8th of May 2010 the “Mercado de las Artes” was inaugurated in Orgiva, and now every first Saturday of the month there is an arts and craft market in the Plaza de la Alpujarra in Orgiva, featuring sculptures, ceramics, paintings, jewellery, woodwork, weaving, every type of art and high quality handicrafts. The organisers have paid a lot of attention to the quality of the products as well as creating a good atmosphere with live music, workshops and presentations. Starting as a small group invited by Orgiva town hall to create a market has given the artists and craftspeople a chance to work together and develop new cooperative projects. Organising the monthly market is one of their activities, as well as exhibitions: this year in the Casa de los Tiros museum in Granada in May entitled: ”AGUA. Alpujarra arte y vida”. Everyone worked on the same theme, WATER, such an important element in the Alpujarra. The visible result was an interesting and sparkling view on the different aspects and meanings of water. The non-visible result of this project is that the group has grown in their work and their cooperative venture.

The group believe that it is important to transmit the power of beauty and imagination, because a society which loses contact with imagination loses contact with its most important quality: the human capacity to create and take part in the growth of life, especially in these times of change and insecurity. They want to show that everybody has the capacity to create beauty and that beauty matters and contributes to the quality of daily life.

Jeanette is a sculptor and a mosaicist, making sculptures out of stone and mosaic, mostly handmade Venetian glass mosaics (smalti). “Nature, human nature and the relationship between them are the themes I work on,” she told La Chispa. “Always trying to find some form of abstraction in all the specified forms I deal with in this society, looking for a more universal and spiritual perspective.” Jeanette and the other artists can be found in Plaza de la alpujarra, Orgiva on the first Saturday each month. Jeannette Claessen, Sculptor and mosaicist,

Mercado de las Artes
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