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If only our bodies were as easy as our cars to look after. When there is a problem with your car, a light appears on the dashboard telling you what is faulty. We take it to the garage where the mechanic fixes the problem and even if there are no warning lights, we take it for its annual service. Should we not do something similar with our bodies? 
Bodyworks clinic in Cancelada have developed just such an easy “Check-Up” – a simple, painless review of the body’s major systems to check that none of your ‘early warning’ lights are on.
Heart, circulation check and arterial “age” – including an early stroke warning using vascular stiffness indicators, as well as overall heart health – easy, painless and non-invasive.
Lung health and “age” – early indicators of respiratory conditions or other lung issues, this can also monitor the body’s recovery after stopping smoking, checking its “age” against the biological age.
Joint, muscle and nerve pain – nerves problems can be difficult to diagnose as the pain often moves and doesn’t appear to have a consistent or obvious trigger. Thermal imaging can easily and safely determine the true cause of this discomfort.
The digestive system – bowel cancer is becoming common. One of the biggest problems is that many patients have had the complaint for some time before treatment is sought. People are often embarrassed and put off by the thought of uncomfortable and invasive tests, whereas this test is easy and painless.
Immune system health – is linked to a range of issues from diabetes, chronic fatigue syndrome, fibromyalgia as well as hormonal health and thyroid issues. All of these can be assessed.
Post operative healing – monitoring healing progress without contact or radiation for those sensitive and painful tissues.
Ongoing monitoring – with no radiation or other harmful side effects, Bodyworks can monitor the progress of a treatment or medication programme as well as the effects of any lifestyle changes.
These simple yet highly effective tests give a full and clear picture of the patient’s health easily, quickly and painlessly. Experienced practitioners review the results to make sure that they are understood, and if there is any need for more in-depth testing, this can be arranged with a variety of specialists on the coast. The earlier problems are detected, the easier and more successful treatment will be. The tests in the Full Body Check-Up look for early warning signs to help people make easy and early lifestyle changes to keep them healthier for longer.  

The Bodyworks Health Clinic
Tel: 952 883 151

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