Natura Málaga 2011

The third edition of Natura Málaga returns to the Palacio de Congresos in Málaga bringing with it all the latest offerings in the world of sustainable development and healthy living.
Running from the 6 to 8 May, the fair will be promoting a healthy way of life and respect for the environment. After the success of last year’s event with over 5,000 visitors, this year’s event will bring together professionals and businesses to present the latest innovations in healthy food and natural living. The fair this year will double in size and triple the number of businesses taking part to make the weekend an unmissable opportunity to bring together consumers, producers and distributors who share the same philosophy of caring for the planet.
Organic producers will have the opportunity to display their wares in the ‘Natural Market’, and there will also be plenty of vegetarian, organic and traditional food available for people to try. Environmental education will be represented in ‘Naturaaula’ (Nature’s classroom) with a complete package of workshops, and this theme continues throughout the fair with practical and informative conferences and activities. The children’s area will also offer entertaining, health and eco activities. Natura Málaga can be found online on Facebook for all the latest updates.
The Palacio de Congresos is aware of the importance of promoting sustainable businesses and, with Natura Málaga firmly on the centre’s annual calendar they will be investigating how to make the event run greener by generating their own electricity by installing a photovoltaic system.

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