Naturopathy: the power of simplicity

Javier Malfitani

Those who have had the opportunity to travel to the East will agree that it provides a unique mix of feelings, a break from ‘reality’, and a dip into another world – charming, sometimes harsh, exotic and ancient. Here we discover a medical discipline that stands out for its simplicity and effectiveness: Naturopathy.

Indian naturopathy is somewhat different to its western namesake, maintaining that most diseases, symptoms and ailments – except those with genetic or traumatic origins – emerge from a process that began with the accumulation of toxins. Consequently, only by eliminating a lot of these can one experience an improvement in symptoms.

Take for example a young person who drinks a litre of wine a day, how long would it be before this person began to experience symptoms? The answer is three to five years, because during that time the body can easily handle the toxins, until he reaches saturation point and starts to accumulate them, reducing simultaneously, his ability to absorb nutrients and causing a progressive weakening of the system. Once the symptoms have surfaced and do not react to palliative measures, a basic deep cleansing for the body to rebalance is required. These toxins are more than the familiar ones of smog or junk food, and include emotional toxins such as anger, fear, anxiety and stress that directly affect the internal organs.

This simple concept has proved highly effective in relieving and treating a large number of ailments, many of which are considered “incurable” in the West for lack of knowledge about more complete disciplines. Obesity, asthma, stress-related problems such as insomnia, back pain, and many others, are relieved through safe therapies available to all that can also be extremely enjoyable.
The techniques of sweating (sauna, Turkish bath and hammam), therapeutic baths, clay wraps, seaweed and mud, massage, yoga and other techniques have been proven to eliminate toxins. In India it is normally a prerequisite to withdraw on retreat for at least 10 days at some institution, while in the West we often find this difficult. Vitania Spa has developed custom treatments, a more gradual approach, to avoid completely stopping daily activity. This provides a real cleansing of body, mind and spirit, good for treating but also preventing many conditions. In addition, we discover that healing can be joyful and pleasant, and it is the personal responsibility of everyone to discover it.

Javier Malfitani
Director of therapy at Vitania Spa.
He has studied, lectured and been treated in Naturopathic Center in India as the SDM Naturopathy Hospital and sVYASA (Swamy Vivekananda University).
Practices and teaches Traditional Thai massage, Tibetan massage, therapeutic Ayurvedic and Tibetan Bowls and more.

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