Philosophical counselling: a guide to life

Philosophical counseling was born as an alternative to the psychological and psychiatric therapies that many people use. It is a guide to life based on the method of dialogue used by the Greek philosopher Socrates and other philosopher-shamans from different schools of philosophy in ancient Greece. The technique is aimed at people who do not have mental illnesses but are held back by existential conflicts that they need to reflect on and discuss to find a solution.
It is important to note that the client does not need any knowledge of philosophy, since it is the counselor who, with his training, guides him, through philosophical dialogue, to an individual practice of reflection on their thoughts and actions, so that, by themselves they can make their own decisions.
There are issues that concern us all – love, relationships, family, sex, work, money, friendship, happiness, confidence, peace, on which a philosophical perspective can introduce a spiritual practice that can help to clarify the questions and ideas. This exercise applies the philosophy of life like a guide to the solution of problems by becoming aware of ones own consciousness and knowing oneself to discover truths and what one wants to do with ones life. The whole dynamic makes the person becomes more alive to be able to achieve more satisfying, creative, positive, pleasant and happy experiences in harmony with oneself and the world.

This system is based on Juan Carlos’s philosophical and anthropological training that corresponds to other academic studies and empirical research in the fields of philosophy and anthropology. The fundamental practice is based on personal experience that makes philosophy a guide to life. Hence, the main source of inspiration is Greek philosophy, but includes also a healthy dose of Eastern philosophy. Another basic principle of this particular approach is found in the spiritual activities that these Greek and Eastern philosophers classified as shamanic and were developed through healing techniques. Added to this is another source of personal inspiration in the indigenous shamanic traditions of the amazon, rituals and practices that Juan Carlos has taken part in that are aimed at healing.

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