Polarity Events: Thomas Campbell

Polarity events is a new events company on the coast with a difference, based in Sotogrande and run by Trevor Brooks. “I want to create an environment where spiritual teachers, healers and experts in their field can come and explain what they do in a professional environment and bring like minded people together”

The first seminar / workshop is with Dr. Thomas Campbell, an world renowned expert on consciousness who is flying from America especially for this two day workshop at Miraflores on November 5th & 6th. Thomas is one of the most influential and respected scientists in this field. His books deliver the next major scientific conceptual breakthrough since relativity and quantum mechanics raised scientific eyebrows in the first half of the twentieth century. Thomas Campbell was one of the original consciousness explorers at The Monroe Institute (TMI) in Virginia in the 1970s and this weekend is a must for anybody with questions about why we are here: the very purpose behind our existence.

The 2 day event will be in English with simultaneous translation into Spanish and will cover subjects like:
Mechanics of the larger consciousness
The world as a virtual reality
Purpose behind life
How to heal through intention
Tools for expanded consciousness
Perceiving a network of energy interconnecting all things
Life as an unfolding set of probabilities that can be skewed by our intentions
Questions and answers
Price is 75€ for both days including refreshments
For book tickets or for more details please visit www.polarityevents.com

Nov 5 & 6: Thomas Campbell
Tel: 664 557 416

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