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This issue our health detectives have been spending time on the Costa del Sol with a man considered to be at the very cutting edge of natural health – Dr. Robert O. Young, pioneer of the ‘New Biology’. I went along to his two week retreat to find out more.

Regular readers of La Chispa will be familiar with the idea of seeing our bodies like a fish tank – when the water gets dirty, change the water or the fish get sick. When the body’s internal biological terrain gets polluted and toxic it needs cleaning or it will get sick. Dr. Robert O Young’s approach to health is based on the idea that an acidic environment in the body creates the right conditions for disease to develop so the answer is to make sure that a correct alkaline environment in maintained for optimum health and to cure illness. “One sickness, one disease,” Dr. Young explained to me during a break in his 2 week intensive retreat on the Costa del Sol. “We are alkaline by design, but the functions of our body are acidic.”

Modern life with its processed foods, alcohol, sugars and lactose heavy products, increases this acidic tendency, so Dr. Young’s work is to encourage people to discover an alkaline lifestyle – lots of greens, ionised alkaline water, seeds, nuts and sprouts. His work is based on over 30 years of clinical work in the USA, where his work is becoming more and more recognised. He has published several books, ‘Back to the House of Health’,‘Sick and Tired’ and ‘The pH Miracle’ (see review on p 10). His theory takes ideas originally developed in the nineteenth century by Antoine Bechamp, who’s ideas lost out to Pasteur whose vision of germs as outside invaders to be destroyed at all cost has defined medicine ever since.

Now, with many years of experience at a theoretical and practical level, Dr. Robert O. Young can point to many thousands of testimonies and a growing body of evidence, as well as increasing recognition in the ‘mainstream’, that his ideas have merit. Not only a way forward as a healthy lifestyle, the ‘pH miracle’ programme is being used effectively to fight cancer, diabetes, leukaemia and many other serious conditions.

Dr. Robert Young’s visit to southern Spain is to run a two week retreat for people looking for a healthy lifestyle, and also for people seeking treatment for serious conditions. “We often see results in 72 hours,” Robert explained. “But these programmes need to be followed carefully on an ongoing basis for long lasting results. The great thing about this treatment is that the side effects are good health.”

The retreat has a full programme that starts the day with morning exercises, stretching and warming up, followed by an eye-opening green shake (avocado, grapefruit, coconut, green peppers, oil and lemons are some of the ingredients) and then personal therapies depending on the needs of the individual, determined by their overall condition, blood tests and live blood analysis. Lymphatic massage, colonics and also emotional support are offered during the retreat. Our own health detectives discovered Dr. Young back in 2006, when they came across microscopy and live blood analysis and recognised a valuable tool for diagnosis. A retreat at the clinic in California showed the health detectives how effective the pH Miracle program could be at treating serious illnesses and after implementing the lifestyle changes themselves, noticed their own health and vitality improving. “The live blood microscopy is now a firm cornerstone of our work,” explained Pernille Knudtzon. “Using simple tools people can adjust the acid/alkaline balance, get back the alkalinity and normalise weight, cholesterol, eczema, digestion issues, improve their sport performance and get stronger and more vital. We also have success in treating cancer patients who were sent home to die. Remission is possible if you make an effort to change both lifestyle and diet.”

Robert’s mission is ‘education not medication’ and with ever rising health bills this is something that will become increasingly important. Dr. Robert O.Young and his team are bringing this idea to Spain on a permanent basis later this year, opening a clinic / research institute in the Barcelona area. This will be a centre for his work here in Europe and his products will be manufactured and distributed from there to the same high quality standard as in the USA, but at more reasonable prices than they currently cost to be imported. Pam, Robert’s assistant, pointed out that in recent years his work has started to take off world wide and the opening of the Barcelona centre coincides with the publication of his latest book, ‘The pH Miracle’, in Spanish. Welcome to the new health revolution.

Pernille Knudtzon
Tel: 678 253 510

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