Special report…Mesolifting – rejuvenating face and body

Today there exists a great cult of the body beautiful, people expect more from life and want to look after themselves more and reach old age in an eternal adolescence. To satisfy this demand there has been great strides in plastic surgery but there are many people who object to this method and don’t want to go under the scalpel or anaesthetic. For these people a more gentle aesthetic medicine has been developed over the past 3 years – an intensive investigation into homeopathic and biological remedies that produce good results in rejuvenating therapy.
This new treatment is a combination of homeopathic creams and oils or serums combined with a series of sessions with a light probe that carries a heat wave at high frequency. This reaches the deeper levels of the skin where there is collagen and elastin, and by stimulating these the texture and elasticity of the skin is improved, creating a ‘lifting’ effect. The serum acts as an oxygenator, hydrator and nutrition and has a synergistic base of vitamins and minerals and other agents that are highly nutritious for the skin.

The cream has a revitalizing effect using an innovative blend of co-enzyme 10, DNA, ATP, homeopathic organo-therapy and other nutrients. This unique blend of therapies has a very synergistic effect and complements the work at the clinic. Mesotherapy consists of applying microscopic injections of homeopathic remedies under the skin, substances that are not reactive or allergenic, vitamins, co-enzymes and products from the world of organic nutrients to rehydrate, firm, oxygenate, clean and rejuvenate the structure of the skin. This creates a radiant effect and eliminates up to 90% of wrinkles, as well as cleansing the pores and clearing marks on the skin.
In conclusion it can be said that homeopathic rejuvenating therapy is a real advance in antiageing medicine, a more profound and complete alternative to many therapies that are available today.
Dr Manuel del Pino
Tel: 649 164 824

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