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Treating acne with conventional medicine using antibiotics and cortizone creams, with their side effects, is not always very effective, and in this article Dr. del Pino investigates some natural alternatives.
Acne can have many causes – hormonal, digestive, allergic, nervous and stress related issues. We can consider the skin like our second nervous system and emotional problems can be reflected directly in the skin as acne or eczema. In Chinese medicine there is an intimate relationship between the skin and the large intestine, so again problems in this area have repercussions in the skin. It is important to diagnose the causes properly in order to treat successfully.
Homeopathy offers many positive results for acne and has been well studied for many years. It is always necessary to discover the right remedy for the particular person but common treatments include pulsatilla, hep sulphur, Echinacea and silica.
In herbal medicine, the most common plants used include thyme, an anti inflammatory, burdock (cleaning effect on the skin), sage (if there is a female hormone component), plantain (anti-inflammatory), passionflower (to calm the nervous system and itching), and devil’s claw (anti-inflammatory effect)
There are several types of acne: Erythematous, vesicular comediano, microcystic, tubular or residual. Therapies work better the more acute and sooner it is dealt with is the time of acne in the patient even more virulent acnes more collection of pus, therapy works faster, more chronic or acnes are acnes rebels waste treated.
Diet is very important when assessing the problem of acne. Quite often the person will have an imbalance creating a pH acidic environment, and therefore would require a more alkaline diet, fruits, legumes and green vegetables, while avoiding acidic foods like red meat, cereals, and dairy products. It can also be useful to make a test of individual foods for ‘resonance frequency’ using a Mora Bioresonance system.
If acne has a hormonal manifestation, there are several homeopathic remedies to regulate this function (the imbalance of testosterone or oestrogen), without having to resort to taking hormones, which can have harmful effects such as water retention in the tissue and congestion in the veins.

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