The infra red revolution

Last year we reported on the latest developments in infra red technology bringing clean dry heat into our houses. Redwell, one of the world’s pioneers in infra red heating systems, has had an office based down here in southern Spain for the past six years, and have recently launched new product ranges that are more efficient and more economical. Their new white frameless panels offer considerable savings so that more people can enjoy the benefits of infra red heating.
Humans have the capacity to absorb infrared heat, and it has been shown to increase the circulation in the skin and stimulates the metabolism. Rheumatoid patients respond well to it because there is no air circulation as there is with convection heaters. Asthmatic patients and allergy sufferers also benefit from clean air with less dust, pollen, bacteria and mould spores. It is more hygienic due to cleaner air and also has a detoxifying effect. In addition, infrared heat has the advantage over other heating methods in that the heat that is emitted penetrates the human body to a greater extent. This not only strengthens the immune system, but also helps to compensate against exposure from electro-smog. Redwell produce heaters to a high standard and with elegant designs that fit in with any décor, using pictures and mirrors to house the heating elements.

Av el Faro, Bl 75 bajo 9
Torrox Costa
Tel: 952 539 742 or 606 423 869

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