The Ultimate Bodywork!

“Overwhelming! (Massage therapist)
“It wasn’t a massage… it was really a full therapy session!”
(Massage therapist)
“I just can’t find the words to describe this experience” (Scholar)
“I can’t recall how long ago I felt this good!” (Lawyer).
“The effects lasted for two weeks!” (Researcher).

Nine out ten clients share these impressions when asked about their first Thai Massage experience, and eight just fall asleep! Why is this bodywork technique so relaxing?

Thai Yoga Massage, Nuad Bo’Rarn in Thailand (Ancient Healing Touch in Thai) is an ancient healing technique that started developing in India as far back as Buddha’s time. It arrived at the Kingdom of Siam 2200 years ago, where it mixed with shamanic techniques, Chinese Tuina, and Indian yoga. The modern version we practice today combines four extremely powerful elements: yoga postures, Ayurvedic medicine principles, pressure point therapy, and Buddhist meditation. This curious blend, along with the loving kindness provided by practitioners, positions this bodywork miles apart from all styles of Western massage.

Instead of using hands to knead, tap or compress muscles, Thai Yoga Massage uses yoga stretches, twists, and rhythmic pressures to vigorously work connective tissue and energy channels, by means of thumbs, hands, forearms, elbows, and knees. Every spot in the body is acted upon, all the way from toes to scalp… Only intimate parts are spared. No wonder Thai Yoga Massage is also called The Ultimate Bodywork!  Clients and practitioners remain fully clothed, work on a mat, and use no oils or creams. Massage tables are bypassed, allowing practitioners use body weight to effortlessly perform numerous postures and maneuvers that stimulate all ligaments and parts in the anatomy. Although only the physical body is dealt with, Thai Yoga Massage actually targets the mind.

The combination of complete silence, closed eyes, and bodily sensations creates a meditative atmosphere that initiates a subtle, but extremely powerful, healing process. This healing effect transcends the present moment and succeeds in dissolving the energetic blockages that, according to Eastern energy philosophy, will upset health and develop disease, whether mental, emotional or physical. In brief, Thai Yoga Massage is psychosomatic prevention at its best! Sessions are never hurried.

Anything less than a 90-minute appointment is completely unacceptable, and some meetings may last up to four hours! The extraordinary wellbeing feeling clients experience at the end results from the deep relaxation, the activation of circulation, and the stimulation of energy systems.

April 2011: several 40-hour courses will be taught in Andalucía.
Mirian Gutiérrez Medina
Vladimir Gil, Lotus Palm Certified Instructor:

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