ThetaHealing® is a revolutionary method known throughout the world in more than 36 countries, for people to change their lives. Why is it so popular? Because ThetaHealing® is a profound holistic change technique that anyone can learn, to create health and well-being – physically, emotionally and spiritually – to help your own life, as well as the lives of family members, friends and clients. Since ThetaHealing® works well with other methods of therapy, it is becoming increasingly popular among health care professionals to help their own clients.

What is ThetaHealing®?

ThetaHealing® is a methodology for change developed by Vianna Stibal in the USA more than 14 years ago when she discovered how she healed herself from cancer in her leg and began to share her discovery with the world. The name ThetaHealing® refers to a ‘theta’ brain wave state that practitioners access in the technique to create change.

How Does ThetaHealing® Work?

Practitioners of ThetaHealing® create desired change from a ‘theta’ brain state of awareness – similar to deep relaxation or meditation from a quantum field of reality, wherein there is a connection between body, mind and emotions. With ThetaHealing® change becomes possible when limiting beliefs and feeling patterns are eliminated and replaced with more life -sustaining ones, allowing for optimal health. ThetaHealing® not only helps resolve physical and emotional problems, it is also an effective technique to create a better life – one with abundance, happiness and success – more efficiently and rapidly than with traditional methods. Not only do clients receive benefits from ThetaHealing®, practitioners commonly experience enhanced health, vitality, and increased intuition.

Your Personal Invitation

As certified ThetaHealing® teachers, we would like to invite people in Andalucía to join us in many new upcoming ThetaHealing® events and courses. Please contact us with any question, a trial session of ThetaHealing® or visit our websites, to discover how we can be of service to you. We hope to meet you soon!

Certified ThetaHealing® Teacher
Dr. Rutt is a psychotherapist from the USA who travels to Spain and France to teach ThetaHealing®. Prior to becoming a ThetaHealing® teacher, she lived in Seattle, Washington where she worked in private practice as a psychotherapist, intuitive, and communication consultant for over 20 years. She taught ThetaHealing® in Malaga last year and is returning again in May 2011 to offer new courses in English and Spanish.
FREE Introduction and Demonstrations:
Tuesday, May 10th at 8 pm at the Centro Sananada, Malaga
Wednesday, May 11th at 8.15 pm at Tierra Sana Retreat Centre, Estepona (not the restaurant)
Courses at El Romeral, Colmenar, Malaga:
â–  Basic Course -Friday May 13th-Sunday May 15th, 2011   10am-7.30 pm 
â–  Advanced Course – Monday May 16th-18th 10 am – 7.30 pm
â–  Manifesting Abundance – Friday May 20th – 21st 10 am – 7.30 pm

For more about these courses and conferences, contact Marina Curtis-Evans:
Tels: 952 11 12 94   o 686 156 912
Tel.: +33 064923133
Skype  devorajean

Teacher, Master and Certificate of Science in ThetaHealing®
Francesco Albani has been living and working in Italy teaching all the ThetaHealing® courses and working with Vianna Stibal in the USA. Having finished his Masters Certificate in ThetaHealing®, he created a new business to share this far-reaching technique called ThetaPower®. The purpose of ThetaPower® is to offer ThetaHealing® to a range of professions including coaching [ThetaCoaching®], sports [ThetaSport®], and performance arts [ThetaStar].

Contact Information for Francesco:

Tel:     671 956132
Skype: francesco albani (rehael74)

Teacher, Master and Certificate of Science in ThetaHealing®
Francesco Albani ha estado viviendo y trabajando en Italia enseñando todos los cursos de ThetaHealing® y trabajando con Vianna Stibal en EEUU. Después de completar su Master Certificado en Ciencias de ThetaHealing ®, a creado una nueva empresa para compartir esta técnica de gran alcance, llamado ThetaPower ®. El propósito de ThetaPower ® es traer ThetaHealing ® para una variedad de profesiones, incluyendo: el coaching [ThetaCoaching ®], el deporte [ThetaSport ®], el espectáculo [ThetaStar ®]. Francisco va a formar la primera escuela de ThetaHealing ® en España aquí en Málaga, como un punto central en España para que la gente aprenda ThetaHealing ® y en la que trabajarán para promover la investigación científica sobre la eficacia de ThetaHealing ®. Francesco ofrecerá todos los cursos de ThetaHealing® muy pronto!

Contact Information for Francesco:
Tel:  671 956132
Skype: francesco albani (rehael74)

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