TNDR: Natural technique to unblock and regenerate

Many illnesses like arthritis and pain are not being well treated medically and people are having to take stronger and stronger medications when previously aspirin would do. Aloppathic medicine is becoming impotent in the daily clinic. TNDR opens new doors, a medicine for the 21st century

TNDR has come to the conclusion that all illnesses can be understood and sured by better understanding changes in the living functions of being human – physio-psychic functions. Daily living creates certain ‘stresses’ on our bodies, of lesser and greater degrees. The repetition of these larger and smaller stresses, consciously or unconsciously maintain a continuous level of stress in the body that can end in debilitating or degenerating the body and it is from this basis that illnesses and pathologies come.

TNDR technique
Exploring TNDR is very simple, using the hands to discover the knots of pain in the ‘pain lines’ that paint the picture of the illness. For example a pain in the knee traces a line of pain to the stomach, related to arthritis in the knee with inflamation in the stomach. Using a TNDR massage the knots and channels of pain in the body recuperate. They have been used to treat many problems from muscular to cardiac. The recovery is physical, psychic and emotional.

TNDR goes to the root because this is what produces the illness and where it can be healed. It discovers and treats the illness from outside without piercing the skin.
Canal TNDRtv:
Dr. Cayo Martín Valencia

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