Vegetarian Malaga

A vegetarian super market has opened recently in Málaga, reflecting the growing interest in meat free alternatives. Stocked with over 900 products the shop was opened by Antonio Moreno, president of CACMA, that has long campaigned for animal rights. The shop is located in the centre of Málaga near the Larios centre next to the old Trafico building and is open from 10.00 to 17.30, Monday to Friday and Saturday mornings until 14.00.
Being nearly 100% organic and with a strict no genetically modified ingredients policy, the shop boasts a wide range of packaged goods, from soya protein to algae, as well as plenty of frozen foods including sausages and burgers, making meat free living as easy as possible. The shop caters for vegans and the growing number of people with dairy and wheat intolerances. As more and more people adopt a vegetarian diet, or start eating less meat, Super-Veg provides the perfect place to stock up on all the necessary ingredients.

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