What is…aesthetic acupuncture?

Charlotta Osting is a Swedish naprapathy practitioner, similar to a chiropractor or osteopath and has been working to relieve pain through massage, chiropractic adjustments, stretching, acupuncture and electrotherapy for over 18 years. Based in the Marbella area, she also practices aesthetic acupuncture, which aims to rejuvenate the face using principles of Chinese medicine. Over 50 baby needles are placed in the face, without any pain or discomfort, and these help to stimulate the blood circulation and therefore the collagen which helps to ‘lift’ the face and fill in the wrinkles.
The treatment, which normally requires ten ½ hour sessions for lasting results, can be helpful for wrinkles, bags under the eyes, sagging skin, double chins, growing hair, and growing collagen. 

Charlotta Östing,
Dr of Naprapathy and licensed Acupuncturist.
Aloha pueblo, casa 106
Tel: 617 22 00 31

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