What is Padma-Mat?

Padma-mat has been designed to relax body and mind and to relieve aches and pain in muscles and joints. Based on the ancient healing art of acupressure Padma-mat is the perfect tool to improve your physical and mental health. The pressure from the tips of the ‘lotus flowers’ is distributed evenly by the mat and these tips stimulate and dilate the capillaries resulting in improved blood circulation. The increased blood flow helps to raise the level of oxygen within the muscles and remove toxins from the body. For this reason using the mat after physical exercise is highly recommended. When using Padma-mat, hormones such as endorphins and oxytocin are released. Endorphins or “happy hormones” generate our body´s positive energy and also combat pain. We release endorphins during sex, sporting activities, laughter and other highly stimulating situations. Oxytocin, commonly known as ‘the relaxing hormone’ give us our sense of well being and tranquility. Oxytocin improves our resistance to pain, helps lower blood pressure, enhances memory, alleviates anxiety and naturally improve our sex drive. The acupressure Mat is recommended in cases of stress, back pain, headaches, muscle tension, insomnia, fatigue, arthritis and hypertension. It can also just be used for relaxing. When feeling stressed out or struggling to unwind, especially before bedtime, using the mat will help you to fall asleep.

Padma is derived from the Sanskrit for ‘lotus flower’. Many ancient cultures consider the lotus flower to be a symbol of purity and prosperity as they bloom out from the water and remain healthy, clean and pure. They also represent spiritual fulfillment and enlightenment and depict what is the human potential.

“I’m 56 years old and I have been using the Padma-Mat for 2 years. I started using it because I was always tired and after using it continuously every morning for a few weeks I noticed a big change. I am much fitter and I have more stamina throughout the day and I’ve noticed that my joint pains has almost disappeared. When I have a few days without using it, the general pain and fatigue gets progressively worse. This is my experience with the Padma-Mat, and I absolutely do not want to live without it.”

“The natural healing power that each person possesses is the most powerful healing force.” (Hippocrates)


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