Yoga in Ethiopia

To the dear supporters of Yoga in Ethiopia,
The ambition of this project is to introduce Yoga to vulnerable groups of people in Ethiopia and thereby contribute towards enhancing their quality of life by enriching their health, expression and wellbeing.
The next step on this journey for ‘Yoga in Ethiopia’ is to produce a Yoga DVD featuring several of the orphans suffering with HIV Aids who I have been teaching since I arrived here last September.
They will guide the viewer with exemplary demonstration through a sequence of postures. Once produced, the plan is to sell this series of DVD tutorials to the market here in Ethiopia and to the yoga community in Europe
The proceeds of this project will go towards setting up life long working livelihoods for the orphans who are too old to stay at the orphanage. The prospects for these young adults are limited and bleak to say the least. ‘Yoga in Ethiopia’ are utterly convinced of the positive gain to be made from this venture and the immense difference the profits will make to their future.
We are just three months away from starting this project and we are seeking to raise 1200 GBP to help us pay for the necessary equipment to make this dream, this gift of wings a reality.
We have also started a new project teaching Yoga therapy in a refugee camp for women who have been the victims of domestic violence. I did not appreciate just how many victims there were in this place, there are more women in this camp than you would like to imagine. There are far too many for me to effectively teach so I am just starting to teach some basic Yoga asana as well as Yoga relaxation practice to the staff for their therapeutic relief and so that they can start to feature a daily practise of Yoga into their care program for the Women in the camp. This really requires more Yoga resources and we are now desperately seeking to gather up more mats, blocks and books to help give the benefits of Yoga to these women.
If you have any old mats, books, or blocks you would be happy to donate I would be deeply thankful if you could contact me as this would make a massive difference to the results intended.
If you are a Yoga teacher then it would be fantastic if you could hold a workshop to raise funds. If you personally are not able to do this then perhaps you know someone who you could turn on to the idea?
Please inform me of any ideas or events you have or would like to get involved with to help this project work.

Deep Joy and Deep Peace,

Emily Gilchrist ‘Yoga in Ethiopia’!/pages/Yoga-in-Ethiopia/108919452501805

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