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Dedication is the first word that springs to mind after talking with Javier Castro Alonso at Yoga Shala in Marbella. Having discovered a green oasis in the concrete jungle of central Marbella, Javier moved the original Yoga Shala studio a few months ago after nearly 15 years building up a solid reputation as one of Marbella’s most respected yoga teachers. Having devoted his life to the study, practice and teaching of Yoga, Javier is very happy to have found a new place to carry on his work that is light and airy surrounded by a garden. The studio has been thoughtfully renovated to create an ideal environment for classes and workshops. Javier and his other teachers offer different styles of yoga developed from Javier’s many years of experience, while his own studies have taken him on the path of Anusara Yoga, taught by highly respected and well known yoga teacher, John Friend. “The guiding principal of Anusara, which means ‘flowing with grace’ or ‘following your heart’, is to bring a loving presence of light within,” explained Javier. “Everything starts with this intention of loving kindness, being soft outside and bright inside.”

To tune in to this inner space Javier uses meditation and chanting to bring the students together in their practice and reduce the noise and intrusion of the outside world. Technically Anusara Yoga blends the best of Iyengar’s exacting postures with Astanga’s fluid movements, but it is the ‘celebration of the heart’ and the recognition of the goodness in everyone that has made this path of yoga so popular for so many people, and what has drawn Javier to follow it. “Yoga helps us change from the inside out,” continued Javier. “It is a set of tools for everyone, and introduces spirituality without dogma. The changes happen naturally as we practice – what we eat, how we behave towards others, everything becomes more thoughtful and loving.”

Yoga Shala
c/ Jacinto Benavente, 21
Tel: 695 481 357

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